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Human Resources


Welcome to HR

Services provided through our HR department include: Promotion of an equitable work environment, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, performance evaluations, job classifications, compensation, employee benefits, employee health and safety, (including Covid prevention), accessibility, compliance, worker's compensation reporting, professional development, absence tracking, employment verifications, employment references and verifications for social services, assistance with EDD and child support order compliance, employee personnel records management, employee audits for outside agencies as mandated by law, inclusion and explanation of employee rights and benefits, employee leaves of absence, ensures the organizations compliance with federal, state and local regulations and company wide team support.

Human Resources serves as a liaison to other departments where personnel issues and functions cross interdepartmental lines and also as a direct liaison for the management team.  In addition, the Department mediates legal and personnel issues that may arise in a fair and equitable manner according to law with consideration and attention being given to employees rights and confidentiality, whenever possible.  The HR Department takes pride in providing a safe and equitable work environment where employees feel empowered to thrive.  

Randi Rembe HR Manager

To Contact HR Email:

Or call: 707-780-3018 or 707-888-5437

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Praetorian USA is looking for responsible individuals to join us in providing safety and accessibility in the world of Events. We hire Event Staff, Licensed Security Guards and those interested in becoming one. We offer flexible schedules in a fun and diverse company, we care about our employees. If you are able to communicate clearly, stand for extended periods of time, follow basic instructions, enjoy various events and helping others have fun, then you are who we need.  Customer Service experience a plus.


Click on the link below or go to our Employment page, read through the expectations and click “Apply.”


Current needs:

People willing to pick up night/overnight shifts: times vary but some start generally between 8pm-midnight and continue into the morning

Licensed Security Guards: We are looking to hire both Part-time and Full-time Security Guards at a higher rate. 

If you are looking to be employed in the positions listed above, please email Jacob Martin directly for an expedited interview.


General hiring questions please see our FAQ or email:


Employment Opportunities

Job Descriptions and Classifications

Employee Classifications

Full-Time Employees

Full-time employees are those who are scheduled for and do work 30 to 40 hours per week or more, working mostly at our year round job sites. Full-time employees are eligible for most employee benefits described in this handbook. Benefits eligibility may depend on length of continuous service. Benefits eligibility requirements may also be imposed by the plans themselves or by law. In order to be eligible for health benefits, an employee must average 30 hours a week or more. Dropping below 30 hours a week will be subject to a termination of benefits. Full-time employees maintain their years of service and seniority. Full-time employees are eligible for promotions and pay raises based on length of employment and merit. If a full-time employee drops below 30 to 40 weekly hours, they will be moved to part-time status, 20 hours a week average.


Part-Time Employees

Part-time employees are those who are scheduled for and work an average of 20 hours per week. Part-time employees are not eligible for benefits but may receive priority on open shifts, certain venues and events. Part-time employees may also be more eligible for promotion to full-time employment status and will be eligible for pay increases based on length of employment and

merit. Part-time employees will be termed for refusal to accept available work if it falls outside the required 3 month period. If a part-time employee falls below 20 hours per week on average, they will be classified as temporary / event only.

Temporary / Events Only Employees

Temporary / Events Only employees are those employed for short-term assignments. Short-term assignments generally are periods of three months or fewer however, some employees may only sign on to work one event at a time. Temporary employees are not eligible for employee benefits except those mandated by applicable law and may not qualify for pay increases based on length of employment and merit. Temporary / Events Only employees will work randomly throughout the year. These employees may work one event a year or choose to work a few at their own choosing. If there is a lapse in hours worked, longer than three months from the last day actually worked, temporary / event only employees will be pulled from the payroll system and this will qualify as a separation of employment that is "voluntary" for "refusal to accept work." Temp / event only employees will be rehired each time they work a new event following this lapse, as long as they are in good standing. Any sick leave accrual will roll over as long as the return falls within the window of time to allow for this. Ask HR if you have any questions.


Inactive Status

Employees who are on any type of leave of absence, work-related or non-work-related, that exceeds any protected state, federal or local leave of absence will classified as inactive. Also, if you do not accept offers of work / available work from Praetorian USA, offered to you by call, text and or email, within a three month period, (from last day actually worked), you will be termed in our payroll system and will be required to reapply for employment. You will need to be "rehired" by Praetorian USA.

Training and Compliance

Praetorian  Sexual Harassment Training 

The State of CA mandates that all employees take a sexual harassment training every 2 years. This course is a paid course that will take employees one hour and supervisors two hours to complete. You will need to complete this course in one sitting as you cannot pause your progress. 


Once you work at least 2 shifts, I will send you the link to the training with a complete by date.  If you do not complete this training in the amount of time given, you may risk being removed from the schedule. Once completed, please send a copy of your certificate of completion to Hannah Holliday, your Compliance Manager at so I can let payroll and HR know you are finished.  

Guard Card Requirements

One of your requirements of your license is to maintain your guard card in good standing and renew it on time. We want to support you, and help with this process, so we have created an on line database, to track your license, and make sure you stay on top of your requirements. I will email you periodically to let you no what you still need done, if anything.

Once you receive your Guard Card, you are required to take 16 hours of training in security officer skills, within the next 6 months. We want to support you, and keep you up to date on your requirements. Therefore, if you have worked at least 1 shift in the last 30 days, we can offer you the continuing education classes you need absolutely free. Contact me at the email below to find out how.


After the initial 16 hours worth of courses, you have another 16 hours worth of course to complete to be complaint. You must have all four of the initial classes before you can take the additional 16 hours worth of classes. 

Thank you for your partnership in keeping your license up to date. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Compliance Manager, Hannah Holliday at


Thank you for your compliance!

Hannah Holiday (she/her)

Praetorian USA Compliance Manager

Ph. 415-827-7078

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job descriptions

Employment Benefits

Employment Benefits 


Praetorian USA is committed to providing the following benefits for eligible employees. Benefit eligibility may be dependent upon your employee classification (full-time versus part-time, for example) and on length of continuous employment at Praetorian USA. Benefit eligibility requirements may also be imposed by the plans themselves.

Upon becoming eligible for certain employee benefit plans, you will receive Summary Plan Descriptions which describe the benefits in greater detail. For information regarding employee benefits and to answer any questions you may have contact HR Manager. 


Health plan open enrollment for all employees (if eligible) begins on 1/1 and ends on 3/3 annually.  

The Company reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate benefits and to modify or amend benefit eligibility requirements at any time and for any reason, subject to any legal restrictions.

The Company offers the following employee benefits:

  • 50% Cost Shared Health Insurance for Employee only, (may purchase coverage for spouse or dependents at full cost) Sutter Heath Plus (once eligible) 

  • Dental Insurance provided with enrollment of health insurance and is 100 % paid for by Praetorian USA (once eligible for medical coverage)

  • Retirement 401K Plan (with company matching) 100 % for the first 3 % and 50% for the next 2%, up to 5% match (once eligible)

Eligibility for health benefits - 60 days post hire, must average 30 hours per week or more 

Eligibility For 401k Retirement Plan Benefits

21 years of age on the next plan entry date
You must have completed 12 month(s) of service by the next plan entry date

1000 hours of service or 500 hours of service in the past three years 


Workers Compensation Insurance 

Praetorian USA, in accordance with state law, provides insurance coverage for employees in case of work-related injury. The workers' compensation benefits provided to injured employees may include:

  • Medical care;

  • Cash benefits, tax free, to replace lost wages; and

  • Assistance to help qualified injured employees return to suitable employment.

To ensure that you receive any workers' compensation benefits to which you may be entitled, you need to:

  • Immediately report any work-related injury to your supervisor;

  • Seek medical treatment and follow-up care if required;

  • Complete a written Employee's Claim for Workers' Compensation Benefits (DWC Form 1) and return it to HR; and

  • Provide the Company with a certification from your health care provider regarding the need for workers' compensation disability leave, as well as your eventual ability to return to work from the leave.

Upon submission of a medical certification that an employee is able to return to work after a workers' compensation leave, the employee under most circumstances will be reinstated to their same position held at the time the leave began, or to an equivalent position, if available. An employee returning from a workers' compensation leave has no greater right to reinstatement than if the employee had been continuously employed rather than on leave.

An employee's return depends on their qualifications for any existing openings. If, after returning from a workers' compensation disability leave, an employee is unable to perform the essential functions of their job because of a physical or mental disability, the Company's obligations to the employee may include reasonable accommodation, as governed by the Americans with Disabilities Act or the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

The law requires Praetorian USA to notify the workers' compensation insurance company of any concerns of false or fraudulent claims.


COVID-19 may be a work-related injury. If you test positive for COVID-19, please notify the Company immediately so we may notify our workers' compensation carrier as required by law.



Become A Team Member

If you are not yet a Praetorian Team Member, head on over to the "Join Our Team" page and fill out an application. Be advised, you will be required to read "Is this the job for you" before you apply. We hope to see you soon.

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