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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Praetorian USA (PUSA) Team Member. Before taking the time to complete the application and interview for a position, please review the following information about work as a PUSA Team Member. 


If hired, you will become part of an elite group that makes up the PUSA Guest Services and Security Team. As members of this team we share the goal of providing our clients' guests with a consistent level of friendly, impressive service that both enhances their entertainment experience and secures the venue. We want to impress our guests with our welcoming attitude, attentiveness, and responsiveness, and have our actions and performance exceed guest expectations.

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We expect our Event Staff/Security Team Members to: 

  1. Initiate sincere, friendly, and personal greetings for guests at each event.

  2. Appear upbeat, alert and attentive to your job; and not appear distracted or disinterested. Make full eye contact with your guests so they know you are focusing your complete attention on them.

  3. Provide guests with helpful directions and suggestions that will enhance their experience at the event.

  4.  Offer a sincere thank you for their attendance, such as, "We are glad you are here" or "We appreciate you coming to the game" as you complete your encounter with each guest. 

  5. Accompany every guest interaction with a smile, whether or not you actually speak. 

  6. Always use a normal speaking voice, with a natural inflection and a friendly tone. 

  7. When performing a task or service for a guest of the event, always use terms such as "Sir", "Ma'am" and if they are gender nonconforming leave off the honorific. We expect you to maintain polite decorum, especially if the guest is disorderly or disrespectful to you.

  8. You will be expected to honor pronouns when you are corrected no matter what your personal beliefs. You are there to diffuse a situation not make a political statement.

  9. Never make major decisions on your own without first reporting to your immediate supervisor.

Job Requirements

The team members we hire must complete many different tasks to ensure that our clients are impressed and want to continue to use our services. Some of the tasks you will perform as a Praetorian Team Member are less glamorous and exciting than others but you should realize that they all need to be done.


 Some of your job requirements may be: 


  • Work weekdays and weeknights on shifts that may extend later into the evenings than other types of jobs, or working on holidays without a holiday pay differential.

  • Deal with disorderly, rude, or intoxicated guests, while maintaining a kind but firm demeanor. 

  • Wear the assigned uniform properly and in its entirety. 

  • Walk on patrol and be able to stand for extended periods of time. 

  • Be able to use a radio (walkie talkie) and memorize radio etiquette.

  • Work outside in a variety of weather conditions, including sun, rain, cold and wind. 

  • Work various elements of an event, some of which are not in contact with the main attraction or the action. 


Reliable People Needed

Guest Services and Security Team members are sincere and positive. They really care about the work and want to perform as seriously and as professionally as possible. This job will provide valuable work experience, will give you the opportunity to work events and meet new people and we promote from within. As of 6/7/21 our starting rate is between $18- $20 an hour for a new hire (BOE) and if you have a guard card. 

Become a Licenced Guard and qualify for more hours and pay. Go to to enroll.


Praetorian USA may conduct a Standard Pre-Employment Screening (background check) on new hires to substantiate their qualifications for employment.  The report will be generated for employment purposes only and in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Drivers Protection Act, and any applicable state statute(s). Background checks will be prepared upon being offered a position with PUSA. 


If you think you are the type of person we are seeking, please fill out an application so we may contact you if a position becomes available. 

We are currently looking for Event Staff and Licensed Security Guards or people who are willing to become one. 

We are currently seeking people who are interested in taking positions for both full and part-time work

If you have further questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

If you would like to fill out an application click the red APPLY Button.

If you have  questions that are not answered by the Frequently Asked  Questions section (FAQ) , please contact the hiring manager:

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