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Effective Versatile Experienced

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Professional Company, Knowledgeable people.

Our staff is trained in Effective Post Security, Event and Festival Specific Security, De-escalation, Safety, and Crowd Management.

About Praetorian USA

Praetorian USA

Praetorian USA was founded in 2006 with the goal of creating a company that could quickly meet the needs of any business, event or venue that would require exceptional security professionals and tireless event specialists. We can deploy quickly and efficiently to cover immediate, short term, or long term needs.


We are currently looking to add security guards and event staff to our team.  Click the button below for more information about joining us.
Full time, part time and seasonal 
work available.

Our Team

Praetorian was founded by passionate, experienced professionals, and we continue that tradition today.  Meet our management team.


Existing Team Members are welcome to click the button below to go to pages dedicated to HR and Payroll along with answers to frequently asked questions.

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Security Guards


Whether you need security for a public event with thousands of attendees or 24 hour security at your place of business, Praetorian can provide the suite of services and personnel that you require. Prices based on size of event and length of contract. Our prices are competitive. 

Whatever your business needs are we can offer you a solution. Choose from post security, roving patrols, front lobby personnel, a protected parking lot and more. We begin with an A-Z assessment, as well as a meeting to discuss your concerns. Then we put together a proposal. The goal is to integrate our team with your own as an extension of your company culture. Let's talk!

Loss Prevention

The very presence of uniformed personnel has been proven to prevent theft. Prevent loss before it happens. Have a visible presence in your retail shop or event space, event venue, or parking lot. 

Security and Event Logistics Consultation

Praetorian USA is more than just effective staffing and security. We have partnered with major festivals in the past  with great success. If you are looking for a consultation to help produce your next production without giving up the reigns, we can help you. 

Event Production/
OPS & Logistics

Operational Management (Ops & Logistics), is the lifeblood of any event. With it you balance all the needs of your production, manage communications throughout departments, and focus on prioritizing needs.

Praetorian USA's unique approach to combining production and operations makes us a perfect fit to assist you with your logistics.  We have the staff and know how to bring your event to the next level.

Our experienced managers have the ability to run your event smoothly and professionally.  

Traffic and Parking

Our  experts can offer you an event parking plan and enforcement, provide cashiers for paid parking programs, and oversee reserved parking areas.  Most events are required to include a parking and traffic plan in their permitting process. We can help you to create a plan or liaise with the proper authorities.

Event Staffing

Professional event staff is the core of our business.  Whether you need security guards, ticket takers, cashiers, credential checks, traffic and parking or any of the other hundreds of jobs required for a public event, we have you covered.

We work well within your existing teams, or can put together a complete package to suit your needs.  All our event specialists have the desire to excel in customer service in common.


Combine Services and Save


Combine our Event Services Staff with our Licensed Security to save money and achieve high quality and comprehensive Event Staffing.



Security: body/bag search, roving teams, post positions, emergency response, and asset management, COVID-19 mitigation, and crowd management. 


Event Staff: Access control, incident reports, traffic and parking management, human resources, and a bright and qualified presence that acts as a theft deterrent.




Meet your management team. Our managers handle all of the logistics required to run an effective team. These event and security professionals are on hand to both address all our clients event staff, and security needs and available for team members with questions or issues. Our attention to every detail sets us apart from other security companies. We value our customers and we are here for our team members.


 Are you interested in becoming a team member?  Click HERE

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Human Resources/

Payroll Manager


Project Manager/




Praetorian USA is now hiring new team members.

If you are currently a Licensed Security Guard or are interested in the event staff positions that are available,  please Click Through to the Employment Page and follow the directions to apply.

A person wearing a neon parking vest looks out over a parking lot



Jason Miller
Festival Director

 Our experience with them is that they have been a team player and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the job is done well.  We have also benefited from their insights and suggestions on how to improve our events.


Producer Robo Wars

I have to say your crew was the most polite, professional and personable crew we have ever worked with.  They helped us try to keep a lid on the chaos, and helped us train all our contestants on what's expected of them access-wise!


Tia Christiansen,
Sausalito Art Festival

My deepest gratitude to Praetorian (USA) for ensuring our event is safe, and please know that I would highly recommend your company to any who would inquire. 

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