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Praetorian at the Opera!

The Barber of Seville and the SF Opera are the main attraction on the green at the Marin Convention center this April and May. Praetorian are front and center, escorting cars to parking spots and aiding people who struggle with COVID restrictions.

Events over COVID

We have gotten adept at pivoting with new rules and regulations during this shutdown. We are grateful to everyone who has worked so hard to present a polished and professional experience to our clients. Drive in events have become the new normal for now. Though we hope they will give way to being in-person again soon, our presence has made it possible for our clients to produce these respites from the pandemic. You are doing important work and we thank you.

Future Events

The Sonoma Raceway is getting ready to open with a limited capacity and a mask mandate. Be sure to check your schedule and ask your leads when you can work these events. Be sure to subscribe to get regular updates on new work and promotion opportunities.

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