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Events are opening up!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

California is preparing to get back to normal. On June 15, capacity and distancing restrictions will be lifted for most businesses and activities. Large-scale indoor events will have vaccination or negative test requirements for attendees through at least October 1. So what does that mean for us as an Event and Security agency? It means we are making a comeback! The shut down was hard on us, without events event companies and venues everywhere were shutting down and laying off. To an extent we had to as well and we have missed our jobs and our team members.

After June 15, California is trying to get back to some semblancy of "normal," and that means that we are onboarding past team members and hiring new ones. If you know of reliable people who are looking to work have them visit the website or have them email

What can we expect?

We are going from famine to feast in the next few months. A shortage of staff means we will be offering overtime and opening up many new positions. We have been getting inquiries from accounts from before the shutdown as well as from new events that are opening with COVID-19 restrictions. If you would like to work but have not had your vaccination yet, visit this site to find a free vaccination site near you, google FREE Vaccinations near me, or contact HR.

We need you.

You can work for us and still keep your unemployment:

  • Initially your position will be classified as seasonal part-time so you would only report the hours worked at a single event to unemployment and in most cases still receive the extra from the state.

  • If you would like to onboard with more hours it is likely we can give you a more full time position in the coming months. If you maintain 30 hours a week you will qualify for healthcare.

  • In order to grow we need our staff. Events are coming back in a big way and most of us love the activity and excitement that comes with event work. We are also looking for new Venues so we can offer more full time positions. We are working for you, let us know what your needs are.

  • Take a look at the events we have already begun to take part in below If you know of any Venues that are looking for security staff contact

  • Don't Forget- Licensed Security Officers have more opportunities to work and get first selection at most events and venues. If you want to become a licensed security guard, reach out to us today.

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