Combine Services and Save


Combine our Event Services staff with Praetorians Licensed Security to save money and achieve high quality and comprehensive event staffing.



Security: body/bag search, roving teams, post positions, emergency response, and asset management.


Event Staff: Access control, incident reports, human resources, and a bright and qualified presence that acts as a theft deterrent.


Child Tracker Program:

Ask about the special services team that is specifically trained to help reunite young children with their parents at events. 




PPO #16665

Licensed & Bonded Security

Praetorian Protective Services is the licensed security arm of the Praetorian USA family. As a fully bonded Private Security Contractor we are licensed by the State of California to hire and distribute Licensed Security Guards.  


Each Praetorian Guard has valid credentials with a full state and federal background check. Additional event training has been provided from Praetorian event specialists and, whether you need security for a public event with thousands of attendees or a single guard at your place of business, Praetorian can provide the suite of services and personnel that you require.

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At Praetorian USA we use our expertise to bring your vision of a perfect event to life. 


We have planned and produced public festivals and events for thousands of attendees. One of our greatest concerns has always been cost and compatability. We believe yours might be as well.


Our priority is to tailor our services to your needs. Call us now and talk to one of our event specialists. The call is free and together we can determine if you need an event specialist and what the costs may be.  


Our dedication to serving you is reflected in both full service packages for people who want to plan an event and walk away, or choose "a la carte" services and complimentary support materials for do-it-yourselfers who want to be fully immersed in the planning process. 


Stellar Event Staff


Professional event staff is the core of our business.  Whether you need ticket takers, cashiers, safety patrols, credential checks, or any of the other hundreds of jobs required for a public event, we have you covered.


We work well within your existing teams, or can put together a complete package to suit your needs.  


All our event specialists have the desire to excel in customer service in common.

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