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Meet your management team. Our managers handle all of the staff and logistics that are required to run an effective team. These event professionals are on hand to address all your event staff and security needs. We understand that your event is a reflection of your creative vision.  Our attention to every detail sets us apart from other event service companies and will result in a positive and favorable experience for your target audience.


Mark Solum

Mark has worked in the event and security industry for over 25 years. His accomplishments and vast experience include production, management and operational security for major events and venues throughout the state of California, and on a national and international level at the Salt Lake and Vancouver Olympics.


Mark oversees all accounts.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss rates and services feel free to contact him at:

Kathy Kingman

Kathy has been in the event industry for over three quarters of her life. She was trained at Disneyland University as a parade and attractions cast member and has imparted the Safety, Service, Show training methods to staff since the beginning.


She is well versed in social marketing and is up to date on all you need to know about getting your event noticed on the web. Contact her at:

Al Bertini

Starting as an Event Specialist, Al has worked extensively as an Entrance Supervisor, and has worked his way up to Event Manager, bringing along more than a decade of event experience.  He possesses the rare and valuable ability to detect problems before they appear obvious to others.


He is our primary scheduler, and is responsible for providing on-the-job training to newer recruits.

Owen Hobson

Owen Hobson started in 2007 as a guard, and quickly made himself indispensable.  His calm demeanor and great communications with the team members moved him quickly to a lead, and eventually to a supervisor. 


He has been running our overnight operations for 5 years now, and is now also in charge of scheduling and supervising all camping shows. 

Randi Rembe

Randi is a veteran of many high profile festivals. She has extensive experience as an event coordinator and helps us organize our teams. She has joined Praetorian USA as our HR and payroll supervisor.


Contact her at:

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