Post Security:


Selecting personnel who will act as a deterrent against theft or greet employees and check credentials may seem a daunting task. Allow us to provide someone perfectly suited to your needs.


Roving Patrols:


A series of route-altering patrols not only acts as an additional deterrent, but makes the overall security plan more difficult to subvert or exploit.

Event Security:

As Event Producers, the founders of Praetorian realized that there was a need for security personnel who would not only effectively patrol the event, but also present a pleasing appearance and treat the audience as guests. Hospitality and customer service are important goals and second only to safety. Our large staff can facilitate the needs of extremely large events. They are Trained in Safety, Security, and Show in order to maintain the feel of the event that you want. 


We also pay special attention to training our guards to respond correctly to Lost Child reports. We ensure that each child is returned to their parents without causing any more distress. Ask about our Child Tracker program.


Loss Prevention and Ticket Scalping:


Undercover security officers are often required to reduce shoplifting, deter Ticket Scalpers, or to allow an unfettered view of activities at public events.  Praetorian can provide experienced officers trained specifically to watch discreetly and respond quickly.


Executive Protection:  


Your personal safety is the most important aspect of our job. Use of military veterans, law enforcement officers, and trained bodyguards are a key component in this aspect of the Praetorian Family.


Praetorian Security Guards- PPO# 16665


Whether you need security for a public event with thousands of attendees or a single guard at your place of business, Praetorian can provide the suite of services and personnel that you require.  Please take a look below at some of our offerings.

Security Assessment & Planning:  

The most important part of implementing a security plan is the assessment.  We will provide you a free initial assessment, regardless of your particular needs. Additional services could include suggestions regarding physical changes, alarm and access control installations, staffing levels, layered operations plans, and emergency procedures.


Lost Child Team/ Child Tracker Program: 

We have trained a team to respond to the special needs of lost children. The child tracker program has gained accolades and awards for performance over and above the call of duty. Call and find out what makes this service unique.

Special Events and Weddings:


Your special event deserves special attention. If your event venue requires you to provide security, or you would like to feel assured that any unexpected issues will be handled without distracting your attention from your amazing event, you can count on Praetorian for professional, friendly, licensed security guards. Your guards will either stand out as a preventative visual deterrent or blend into your event to make your guests feel at ease.


You decide how your security is going to serve you.

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