Event Staff


Praetorian Event Services (PES) was born from the experiences of seasoned professionals in the event industry. With over 20 years of working experience, we understand the needs of this detail-heavy industry. Whether producing a brand new event, scouting the ideal location, professionally designing an event space, drafting and implementing an operational plan, or providing competent staff on event day, we understand that every element of an event impacts brand name and end result. We also understand that the cost of a security and operational team can place additional stress on an event budget. We work with you to reach an affordable solution that meets your needs. 


Our highly trained staff and management team is on hand to address all your event staff needs. At PES we understand that your event is a reflection of your creative vision.  Our attention to every detail sets us apart from other event service companies and will result in a positive and favorable experience for your target audience.


PES is proud to have over 200 professional uniformed event personnel on call to serve you. Every Praetorian Event Team Member is friendly and approachable. Our staff performs to wonderful reviews at many high profile events throughout the Bay Area. Experienced PES managers integrate flawlessly with your team members, and our core staff learns the ins and outs of each event, in order to deliver stellar results the first time.


PES has provided event staff and access control to a number of concerts and venues throughout the Northern California area. We have the training and experience to handle large crowds and have been called the perfect supplement to licensed security.


Should you require a licensed security company for your venue, please consider our sister company Praetorian Protective Services (PPO# 16665), a private security company licensed and bonded by the state of California. By utilizing both companies, we can work with you to achieve great savings in the area of security and event staffing costs.

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