Production Managment
Operational Management

Operational Managerment, or Ops & Logisitics, is the lifeblood of a large event, balancing all the needs of the event, managing communciations throughout the differing departments, and focusing on prioritizing needs.


Praetorian USA's unique approach to combining production and operations makes us a perfect fit to assist you with your next event.  Whether its a new event, or something that needs some additional support, we have the staff and know how to bring your event to the next level.

Before you open the gates, there is a lot of work to be done.  Praetorian USA has experienced production staff available to help you get ready. If you need carpenters, forklift operators, light and sound technicians, or just a helping hand, we can provide your event with any level of staff to get you ready for your guests.

Whether you need a quick course in online marketing or you need someone to fully manage your social media we may be able to help you. Contact our event promotions expert Kathy Kingman to arrange for a 20 minute free analysis. She will be able to give you some suggestions and ultimately give you the tools to decide what you need.


Kathy Kingman:

Making sure you are in compliance with all local, county, state and federal requirements is key to a successful event.  You must be sure everything is on order. Praetorian can step in and make sure everything is ready. With decades of event experiences, as well as producing our own events, we have the staff and experience to help guide you though the process.

Event Marketing and Ticket Sales
Licenses and Permit Acquisition

We have on staff knowledgeable event managers


Praetorian USA has more than just great staffing and Security. We have partnered with major festivals in the past to with great success! If you need help producing your event without giving up the reigns, we can help you. Check out the services we provide below: